Domination World

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Domination World[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Domination World

Domination World

Hail and well-met noble one! This is truly a brave new world but please heed our warning: This new land is more brutal than any before it, with enemy Lords who are faster and more cunning than your average Knight.

Houses are smaller and the fighting for prizes and immortal fame in the Hall of Heroes is sure to be fiercer than what you have seen before!

While some of your old tricks and tactics may win battles, the war will be much harder fought...

World Changes[edit | edit source]

At the core of the Domination World are the new gameplay rules:

  • The Vacation Mode will not be available for this world.
  • Interdiction cannot be researched or used.
  • Buildings and castles in villages and Capitals build four times as quickly.
  • Capitals will generate flags more quickly.
  • Monks can be used to influence County elections.
  • Research times reduced by half.
  • More resource stashes will appear per Parish.
  • This World will be limited to 100 days, after which the world will end.
  • New map borders based on the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon era British Isles, with more Kingships available.
  • This World will be closed to new players in the last 30 days of its existence.
  • Houses will be limited to 3 factions. The first faction to apply is accepted automatically, all other factions must be voted in.
  • Factions now require a minimum of 10 members to join or remain in a House.
  • Players will have access to nearly twice as many villages per research level. For example, a Knight can have 6 villages instead of 3.
  • Holding Banquets will give players double the honour , when compared to normal worlds.
  • The Rank required to start a faction has been reduced to Alderman (12).
  • The initial Peacetime on the first village has been reduced from 5 days to 3 days.
  • Players that lose their only remaining village will receive more resources than normal when they respawn.
  • Players no longer incur an honour penalty for Pillage, Ransack, Vandalise or Capture attacks on players at the same Rank or higher. Razing players of any rank will still incur the normal honour penalty
  • Faction members can now attack each other.
  • To qualify for a prize at the end of the world, a player must be either a member of the winning house or in the top 10 of any Leaderboard. Each Player will receive only one prize.
  • Players will be able to have more vassals for each rank.

Hall of Heroes[edit | edit source]

There will be no Glory Rounds or Ages in this world. The House with the most Glory Points when the world ends will be declared the winner. Winners will have their names recorded in the Hall of Heroes, which can be viewed at

The names, coat of arms and factions of faction leaders and officers are highlighted at the very top of the page, with the House Marshal given special treatment. All other players are listed below and sorted by faction.

All members of the winning House at the end of the World will receive a Unique Platinum Card Pack with rare cards for all players in the winning House, in addition to multiple Ultimate, Super and Random Card Packs.

Please note that winning players with potentially offensive names will be censored or renamed.