Free Strategy Cards

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Free Strategy Cards are given to players, depending on their Stronghold Kingdoms™ Veteran Level. The higher the level, the more cards can be earned each week. The free cards icon can be found at the top left of the world map screen.

Veteran Levels[edit | edit source]

Level Icon Cards Per Week Action Required to Increase Level Card Given Every
1 V1.png C1.png Site Village 7 Days
2 V2.png C2.png Get to Rank of Yokel (3) 3 Days 12 Hours
3 V3.png C3.png Get to Rank of Villein (6) 2 Days 8 Hours
4 V4.png C4.png First Purchase of Crowns 1 Day 18 Hours
5 V5.png C5.png Get to Rank of Commoner (9) 1 Day 9 Hours 40 Minutes
6 V6.png C6.png Donate Resources to your Parish Capital 1 Day 4 Hours
7 V7.png C7.png Get to Rank of Yeoman (11) 24 Hours
8 V8.png C8.png Create or Join a Faction 21 Hours
9 V9.png C10.png Second purchase of Crowns 16 Hours 48 minutes
10 V10.png C14.png Get to Rank of Squire (15) 12 Hours

Getting Free Cards[edit | edit source]

Once a free card is available, this icon will be shown on the top left of the world map screen. Click on the icon and select the card at the centre of the screen to collect it. Free cards DO NOT stack up, the timer for player's next free card will not start until the available card has been collected.

Cards which are given free are chosen at random, and act like normally-purchased cards. They can also be traded in for card points.