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A house is a federation of factions. Each world has 20 houses. At the end of each Glory round, the two houses with the fewest glory points are eliminated from the Glory Screen. Once eliminated from the Glory Race, a house will no longer collect Glory points.

Color Symbol Short Name
Scarlet Cresent Moon and Star H1
Orange Sparrow over a Castle H2
Yellow Dragon H3
Green Wheat Sheaf H4
Light Blue Seamonster H5
Blue Rabbit H6
Violet 5 Pointed Crown H7
Pink 3 Flowers H8
White Ram H9
Black Wolf H10
Grey Leaping Snake H11
Dark Yellow Stag H12
Dark Green Tree H13
Teal Boar H14
Sky Blue Unicorn H15
Red Lion Rampant H16
Brown Squirrel H17
Gold Coiled Snake H18
Purple Double Eagle H19
Light Purple Angel H20

House Flags[edit | edit source]

Each house in the game has a set flag. This allows players to be easily identified on the Leaderboard, and identify each house individually on the Glory leaderboard.

House flag 001.png House flag 002.png link=‎ link=‎ link=‎
House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 House 5
House flag 006.png link=‎ link=‎ House flag 009.png link=‎
House 6 House 7 House 8 House 9 House 10
link=‎ link=‎ House flag 013.png House flag 014.png link=‎
House 11 House 12 House 13 House 14 House 15
House flag 016.png link=‎ link=‎ House flag 019.png link=‎
House 16 House 17 House 18 House 19 House 20