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IP Sharing

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If you do not have a Premium Token in play and you are using a shared connection, which uses the same public IP address for all players on this connection, you will be unable to perform certain actions. Shared IPs will occur if players are on the same network; e.g. people in the same house/office.

Unavailable actions are:

  • Voting for, or influencing with monks in an election players on the same connection.
  • Making a vassal of, or becoming a liege lord to players on the same connection.
  • Reinforcing players on the same connection
  • Using monks (Interdict, Absolution and Excommunicate) on players on the same connection.
  • Trading with players on the same connection.
  • Attacking the same common target (humans only) as players on the same connection.

This restriction will be removed approximately 14 days after the last time the IP address was shared.