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Stronghold Kingdoms features an in game mail system for communicating directly with all other players in the game world. Players can access their mail at any time from clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of the Stronghold Kingdoms interface. The envelope will flash when new mail is received.

Players also see two icons at the top of the mail interface.

Mail popout.jpg Clicking this icon opens the mail interface in a separate pop out window, so that it can be viewed at all times.
Mail close.jpg Clicking on this icon will close the mail interface.
Filterbyusername.png Clicking on this icon searches for emails by the entered player name.
Mbu.jpg Clicking on this icon shows the players you have blocked. You can remove the ban and switch on Aggressive Blocking, this blocks all email threads featuring the blocked username.
Mail List screen

Main List Screen[edit | edit source]

The first screen when opening the mail interface shows a player a list of all their mail threads and folders. The far left column shows the players folders as well as a button for creating new folders. The main middle column shows all the mail threads that a player has received. Threads with unread messages are displayed in bold The right gives the user several options which are:

New Mail Click this to write a new mail to one or more players.
Open Click this to open the selected mail thread.
Mark as Unread Mark the selected mail thread as unread. This will mark all mails within the thread as being unread.
Mark as Read Mark the selected mail thread as read. This will mark all mails within the thread as being read.
Move This Thread Move the selected thread to a different folder.
Delete Thread Delete the selected thread and all mails within it. Once deleted, threads cannot be restored.
Mail thread screen

Mail Thread[edit | edit source]

Once a thread is opened, all mails from the selected mail thread are displayed in the left hand column. Unread mails are displayed in bold. Clicking on a mail in the thread displays it in the right hand reading pane. The right hand said of the interface displays several options which are:

Back To Mail List Return to the Mail List screen.
Reply To Thread Reply to all users in the mail thread
Forward thread Forward the thread to other users.
Block this user Blocks the user that sent the currently selected mail. Clicking the button will also display a popup screen for managing any blocked users so that they can be unblocked if so desired.
Report this mail Report this mail to Stronghold Kingdoms administrators. Only to be used if the selected mail was abusive in nature. Abusive means swearing or insulting. Not to be used unless this is the case. Frivolous reporting will be punished.

Note: All players may receive Proclamations from Capital Leaders which will appear as a mail thread. However, unlike other mail, these cannot be replied to and act as a notice.

New Mail screen

Writing Mail[edit | edit source]

When writing a new mail, players are presented with a new screen. The far left pane shows all users that will receive the mail. Users can be removed from the recipients list by clicking on them and then the "Remove" button below the pane (though this cannot be done when replying to a thread). Across the top of the screen is a subject line for the mail thread. The main pane is for writing the contents of the mail. The right hand side of the interface presents the users with many options for adding recipients which are:

Back To Mail List Return to the Mail List screen.
Mail search.jpg Search for users in the world by username.
Mail history.jpg Display a list of recently mailed users.
Mail favourites.jpg Display a list of all users added to favourites.
Mail groups.jpg You can find other players associated with your Faction here, these are added automatically. Players you have tagged as Allies can also be found here.
Add to/Remove from Favourites Add a selected user to favourites. When viewing favourites, the button is replaced with Remove selected user from favourites.
Add Add the selected user as a recipient for the current mail.

The screen is the same when writing a new mail or forwarding a mail thread. However when replying to a thread users can only write their reply and send it or return to the Mail List screen.