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Settings[edit | edit source]

In settings, various check boxes are displayed to toggle different options On or Off throughout the game.

  • Display
    • Profanity Filter - The profanity filter filters out profane and offensive language from all areas of the game including Mail, Chat, Parish Walls etc.
    • Tooltips - This option is to show helpful tooltips over different areas of the game interface when hovering over them with the mouse cursor. This is to help identify different sections and icons within Stronghold Kingdoms.
    • Instant Tooltips - Normally tooltips appear after a short delay but these can be displayed instantly if this option is selected.
  • Report Capturing
    • Report Capturing is to toggle which actions and events in the game the player would like to receive reports for. There are many different types of reports, all fo which can be select or unselected within this screen. Report Capturing can also be toggled on the Reports screen itself.
Player Avatar

Edit Avatar[edit | edit source]

Whenever a player clicks on your name in the leaderboard or on one of your villages, an image is displayed of your “lord” or “lady”. This is known as your avatar and can be edited in various ways from Settings\Edit avatar.

Rename Current Village[edit | edit source]

To change the name of your village as it is displayed to all players throughout the game, go to this option. The maximum length of a village name is 32 characters and must not contain any profanities. Firefly will rename any village names they deem offensive, this may lead to a ban from the game if players consistently try to use offensive words.

Convert Current Village[edit | edit source]

Players can convert their village to a different type at any time except that a captured village cannot be converted for the first 3 days after it is captured. Converting the village type destroys all buildings within the village, so that it needs to be re-built. All castle structures, villagers, troops & units remain. All goods, weapons, food and ale in storage will remain and reappear once that storage building is built. Once a village has been converted, that village cannot be converted again for 1 week.

Abandon Current Village[edit | edit source]

Players can abandon a village they own at any time, provided there are no incoming attacks on that village. Once abandoned, the player will lose control of that village and everything within it, you keep your same rank, research and gold. Players can only abandon one village per week.

If it is your only village you will be given a new village in the same way you got your starting village. If you have more than 1 village you will not get another village automatically, you would have to buy or capture another one.

Chat[edit | edit source]

Enter the in-game Chat to communicate with other players throughout the Kingdoms world.

Log Out[edit | edit source]

Log out of your Stronghold Kingdoms client.