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Premium Tokens

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Premium Tokens are a great way to improve your abilities in Stronghold Kingdoms™, giving extra in-game options and automatic offline features.

Buying and Playing Tokens

Card circle cards.png

To buy a premium token, go to the cards panel by either selecting the all cards icon (found at the top centre of the game), or by clicking on the screen-specific cards icon at the top left of the screen.

Once in the cards panel, click on Get Premium Tokens. Using Firefly crowns, you may now purchase either a seven (7) Premuim token.pngday or thirty (30)30 day token.png day token. Once purchased, click on the token at the top of the panel to put it in play. Just like strategy cards, a premium token is only active on the game world on which it was set in to play.

Premium Tokens can be stacked in order to extend the premium mode time period. When Premium Tokens are stacked they will appear as a blue token blue and the timer will be updated to reflect the total time for the stacked premium tokens.

Token Costs

Get premium token.png
2 day token.png A two (2) day premium token will be given to players as a reward for completing part of the tutorial. This token cannot be purchased.
Premuim token.png A seven (7) day premium can be purchased for 30 Firefly crowns. Premium Tokens only start to count down once they have been put in play.
30 day token.png A 30 day premium token can be purchased for 100 Firefly crowns. Premium Tokens only start to count down once they have been put in play.

Game Features

Building Queue

Building queue.png This allows up to five (5) buildings to be queued for construction in a village.

Research Queue

Research queue.png This allows up to five (5) researches to be queued in the research screen.

Move Village Building

Move building.png This allows players to move buildings in their villages. To move a building, select it by clicking on it, click the green arrow in the right-hand side menu, then place the building where desired. All buildings except the hall may be relocated within a village.

Villages Overview

Villages overview icon.png The Villages Overview page shows players with a Premium Token in play essential information about all of their owned villages from 4 simple screens.

Offline Features

These features allow the automatation of certain tasks while offline. All offline features are controlled in the logout screen.

Auto Trade

Auto trade.png This allows the automatic trade of one type of good to the parish capital's market while logged out, and occurs once every two (2) to four (4) hours. The options for trade goods are found on the logout screen.

To use auto trade: To switch this feature on, select the check box beside auto trading. Next, select the type of goods you wish to trade (the default is set to wood), then click on the resource icon to show the list of resources. Select the amount you wish to keep (the slider indicates how much you wish to keep back). For example, if the slider is set to 0%, all goods of that type will be traded; however, if the slider is set to 100%, no goods will be traded. If the slider is set to 75%, then 25% will be traded. And so on.

Auto Scouting

Auto scout.png Every two (2) to four (4) hours while logged out, this will automatically send out all available scouts to stashes within the parish(es) in which the player's village(s) is located.

Auto Attacking

Auto attack.png Every two (2) to four (4) hours while logged out, this will automatically send out attacks to chosen AI targets within the player's parish(es).

Auto Recruiting

Auto attack.png Every two (2) to four (4) hours while logged out, this will automatically conscript idle peasants to your army, providing you have the available weapons, gold, peasants, and unit space. It is now possible for Players to set an upper limit for the number of each troop type to be recruited while they are offline and using auto-recruit. Rc.png

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode is a mode for premium players that gives them some security should they go on vacation/holiday and will be without access to their account Vacation mode is only available with a 7 or 30 day premium token in play.