Rise of the Wolf

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I am afraid that I am the bearer of grave News My Lord..

Your spies bring word of approaching sieges,from a place different to our lands or any kingdom your armies have touched thus far.

Each day more villages are razed and captured by forces led by an age-old enemy, with attacks on all sides even from nearby countries!

In order to overcome this new threat, old tricks and tactics may need to be abandoned, if we are to survive the coming battles.....

About Rise of the Wolf

The Rise of The Wolf is a special game world featuring classic Stronghold characters, improved AI and PvE (player-versus-environment) gameplay. In Rise of The Wolf players are randomly assigned a location on a medieval map of the British Isles. Forced to cooperate and hold back a tide of attacks from The Wolf, The Snake, The Pig and The Rat, who have returned to take vengeance against the people of Britain. Players must fight for both lands lost to the invaders and for the support of the people. Only by engaging enemy troops to take back villages and winning votes in the political arena, right down to the level of each parish, can players hope for sucess.

World Changes

At the core of the Rise of the Wolf are the following changes to the gameplay :


  • Each Parish has an AI (Rat, Snake, Pig, Wolf) as a "steward" and is controlled by that AI until the players oust them.
  • The Map is a modified version of the classic UK map, with more countries, but fewer villages and starting points.
  • New village charters only spawn once an AI is defeated (viaRaze.png raze).
  • Some quests have been removed.
  • After a certain period of time any unclaimed charters can be “bought” by a local AI.
  • Glory Round ends when any house (including the AI house) reaches the Glory threshold for the round.
  • Each member of the winning house will receive a special prize package at the end of each round.
  • There will be more stashes spawned in the world which will include weapon stashes.
  • There is a chance of receiving a special wheel spin for being the first to uncover a stash.
  • Players will receive a chance at a special Wheel Spin (ranging from Tier 1 - Tier 5) for each defeated/captured AI
  • Armies Army.pngand Scouts Map scout.png move at the same speeds as in an Age 4 world.
  • Players will not be able to select a starting point, but will be placed in a random location on the map.
  • The cost of recruiting troops will be reduced by 50%.
  • Castle build times are reduced.
  • The base cost of Interdiction has been doubled. Interdiction does not protect against all attacks from the AI, only captain attacks from AI castles.
  • While under interdiction, Scouts cannot be used.
  • The effects of Diplomacy research are reduced.
  • Villages in Vacation Mode are protected from AI captain attacks sent from AI castles.
  • Players can own up to 25 Villages on the Rise of the Wolf Map.

AI Specific

  • AI's can send invasions from several invasion points around the map. These appear as anchor symbols on the map. Active anchors will appear bright and glow Anchoractive.png and inactive ones will appear fadedAnchordull.png. If an invasion is incoming the invasion point will display a timer showing the time until the invasion begins. All attacks from an invasion are sent at the same time, but may take a few minutes to appear on the map. (This means if a village is the target of a captain attack from an invasion and then is interdicted, it will not be protected from further captain attacks from the invasion, since these have actually already been launched, but have not yet appeared on the map.)
  • AI's have the ability to send scouts to stashes.
  • AI Castles can be captured by players, and the AI can raze or capture player villages. If a captured, the village becomes an AI castle.
  • AI will be able to repair and reinforce their castles.
  • Multiple AI can spawn in a parish.
  • The AI receives daily votes in parish election like a player village would and will vote against players and for itself.
  • AI can send multiple attacks at a player village in a short amount of time.


The House that earns the final Glory Race star will be announced as winner of Rise of the Wolf and receive ‘The Wolf’s Hoard’:

  • 500 Card Points
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 5 Super Random Packs
  • 5 Random Packs
  • 1 30-Day Premium Token

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this unique Stronghold Kingdoms experience and announce that it will not be the last of its kind! RotW provided valuable insight into how PvE focused combat could be a fun twist on the established Kingdoms gameplay.

Return of the Wolf


About Return of the Wolf

Return of the Wolf is similar to the original Rise of the Wolf World but includes the following changes

Gameplay Changes

  • Players will receive a chance at a Wheel Spin (ranging from Tier 1 – Tier 5) for each Ai they raze. The Wheel Spin Tier is based off of the size of the razed castle, with small castles not giving any Wheel Spins.
  • Wheel Spins will not be given for Scouting
  • This world will be limited to 10 Glory Rounds.

This is not an Era world type. This world will not go through Eras or have a Final Era.