Royal Towers

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The final struggle for this realm has begun! The time has come to claim your rightful place amongst the true legends, not just of this world but of all Stronghold Kingdoms worlds. You have come far and achieved much, it is only right that you should now be justly rewarded for your noble efforts.

Royal Towers are the key to obtaining Final Victory and the ability for one player to end the game world.

Royal tower.png

Once a single House controls all Royal Towers in a game world the House Marshall may choose to achieve Final Victory by pressing ‘The Button’, which will no longer be greyed out.

Doing so will allow all House members to claim wondrous prizes and end the game world forever.

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

Here are the most important things to note about Royal Towers

  1. A captain is needed to attack a Royal Tower and only capture-type attacks may be launched against them.
  2. Attacking a Royal Tower will remove any interdiction from the source village.
  3. Royal Towers cannot be repaired, rebuilt or reinforced by players.
  4. Royal Towers cannot be interdicted.
  5. If a player captures a Royal Tower their House gains control of that tower.
  6. After they are captured Royal Towers are immediately rebuilt and repaired.
  7. The Final Age begins with 150 Royal Towers spawning across the map in random locations.
  8. After each Glory Round, all towers disappear, with new towers appearing in random locations.
  9. The total number of towers is reduced by 10 at the end of each Round and control of all towers is reset.
  10. The minimum number of Royal Towers in a world is 20.

Only House Marshalls will receive the reports from successfully captured Royal Towers.