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Can I own more than one village?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Once you raise your rank to Alderman (12) you can own a second village. To take ownership of a second village, you need to research Leadership and own a captain.

You can buy a village on the world map, as long as you have a captain and at least 10,000 gold** with which to purchase a new village charter. You can also capture an enemy's village by attacking their castle and reaching its keep (your captain must also reach the keep).

Please see the Table of Ranks to find out how many villages you are allowed to own at each rank. For the list of village types, please see the Village Table.

TIP: Capitals are not included in the maximum number of villages; therefore it is possible to be an Alderman (12) and own two (2) villages, plus a parish capital.

TIP: **The further away from your village a new village charter is, the more expensive it will be.

How do I go about purchasing a new village?[edit | edit source]

As stated above, as long as you have completed the required level of research (Leadership), are of sufficient rank, have enough space to be able to own another village, and have a captain and at least 10,000 gold, you will be able to buy another village... bearing in mind the following:

  • In general, the costs of new village charters rise in increments of 10,000 gold. Therefore, assuming your second village is within the same parish as the first, it will cost you 10,000 gold. A third village in the same parish will cost 20,000 gold, and so on.
  • However, a new plot outside your existing parish will be significantly more expensive, the further away it is.

TIP: Switching to a village you own, which is located in a parish closer in proximity to your intended new village will reduce the purchase cost.

The costs listed below are for village charters based within the same parish:

Number of villages Cost in gold Cost in honour Leadership research level
2nd village 10,000 1
3rd village 20,000 2
4th village 30,000 3
5th village 40,000 4
6th village 50,000 5
7th village 60,000 6
8th village 70,000 7
9th village 80,000 8
10th village 90,000 8
11th village 100,000 6,000,000 9
12th village 110,000 7,000,000 10
13th village 120,000 8,000,000 11
14th village 130,000 9,000,000 12
15th village 140,000 10,000,000 13