The Third Age

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The Third Age

The Third Age (Age III)Third age icon.png features increased caps for villages and parish upgrades, faster honour production and rebalancing of the Glory Race. With faster production, fresh alliances and new rules, this new age is designed to increase the pace of gameplay and give players more freedom to extend their power and influence within the world…

Overview[edit | edit source]

Once a world in the Second Age completes its Glory race, which occurs when there is only one House remaining, the remaining House will be declared winners and a start date for The Third Age will be announced.

World Reset[edit | edit source]

Once The Third Age begins, a number of features throughout the game world will be reset to those of a new world. These are:

  • Glory - The Glory Race will be reset and all Houses will be re-introduced to the Glory Race with 0 points.
  • Factions & Houses - All players will be removed from their factions and all factions removed from their Houses, as well as any alliances.
  • Stock Exchanges - All stock exchanges will be cleared of their resources and prices reset.

NB: Please note that all features of the game world other than those mentioned above will remain as is at the time of the start of the third age. Players will retain all their villages, research, cards, points etc.

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

A number of core gameplay features to Stronghold Kingdoms™ will be changed to present new opportunities and challenges for both new and veteran players. These are:

  • Crown Princes may now access up to 30 villages.
  • Honour production has been increased by 900% for Banqueting and 300% for Popularity. Increased honor for destroying AI castles.
  • Guilds, Town Garden, Church, Ballista Maker, Tunnellors' Guild and Turret Maker buildings have gained five additional levels.
  • Glory - The rate at which Glory is gained has been rebalanced.

In The Third Age the amount of glory gained per day is changed as follows:

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 20
County Sheriff 1000
Province Governor 3750
Country King 7500

In The Third Age a House needs four million points to win the round.

NB: As with Age 2, once a building is deleted from a capital, the capital does NOT retain the bonus from the upgraded building.

Hall of Heroes[edit | edit source]

All members of the winning House at the end of the Glory race will have their names recorded in the Hall of Heroes, which can be viewed at This hall of fame is our way of recording the daring victories of the players, factions and houses who battle against the odds to become the only remaining house in their Glory Race.

The names, coat of arms and factions of faction leaders and officers are highlighted at the very top of the page, with the House Marshal given special treatment. All other players are listed below and sorted by faction.

Please note that winning players with potentially offensive names will be censored or renamed.

Champion Pack[edit | edit source]

The winners of Age 2 will receive a Champion Pack.

Upon victory they will receive:

  • One Quest Wheel Spin

Once the new age opens, the Winners will receive:

  • 1. Unique Charges for the Shield Designer
    • Second Age logo
    • Unique star
    • Glory race banner
    • New crown charge
  • 2. 30,000 Faith Points
  • 3. 100,000 Gold
  • 4. Honour (scaled to player's rank)
  • 5. 250 Card Points