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Vacation mode is a new feature of Stronghold Kingdoms™ designed for players going on vacation/holiday that will be without access to their account. By entering this mode, players are protected from all attacks, from both AI and other players, during the Vacation Mode time period. However, players cannot access their account until the Vacation Mode time period has elapsed. Production, population, popularity, building and all other aspects of player's villages remain the same, as if the player is simply not interacting with them. The only difference is that they cannot be attacked.

To activate Vacation Mode go to Vacation Mode options from the My Account drop down menu. Activating Vacation Mode requires a 7 or 30 day Premium Token be in play. Activation can be done twice per calendar year, choosing between 3-15 days for each Vacation Mode.

Players cannot activate Vacation Mode until their account is at least 30 days old.

Vacation Mode affects all game worlds and as such once active all worlds will become inaccessible.

Any attacks sent by the player activating Vacation mode which are yet to land will be cancelled once Vacation Mode is activated.

Any attacks incoming on the player activating Vacation mode which are yet to land will continue on as normal.