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Village Table

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Below you will find the definitive Village Table. Everything you need to know about each village type is listed here - useful for finding out which resources each type may or may not have, before purchasing/capturing. Also see: FAQ:Your village

Village Type Image Description Space Castle Natural Defences Image Production Bonus to Available Food Available Resources Available Banqueting
Lowland Lowland.jpg A balanced location with plenty of usable space and no drawbacks. The lowland village type has three (3) different graphics.Lowland2.jpg,Lowland3.jpg Medium None Castle no defences.jpg None Apples.PNGCheese.PNGBread.PNGMeat.PNGVeg.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNGIron.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngMetalware.pngClothing.png
Highland Highland.jpg A good mix of resources, plus the rocky outcrops help castle defence; However, usable space is a little limited. Medium Medium Castle medium defences.jpg None Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNGIron.PNGPitch.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngMetalware.pngClothing.png
Mountain Peak Mountain peak.jpg Iron is plentiful in a this mountain-top stronghold, and the terrain offers better castle defence, but it comes at the expense of usable space. Medium High Castle high defences.jpg Iron.PNG Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNGIron.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngMetalware.pngClothing.png
River 1 River1.jpg Limited resources here are made up for by the benefits the river brings. High None Castle no defences.jpg None Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNGFish.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.pngSpice.png
River2 River2.jpg Limited resources here are made up for by the benefits the river brings. High None Castle no defences.jpg None Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNGFish.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.pngSilk.png
Salt Flats Salt flats.jpg The only place to collect salt. Limited resources and some usable space limitations. Low None Castle no defences.jpg Clothing.png Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.pngSalt.png
Marsh Marsh.jpg Pitch is abundant here, although wood and stone are scarce. Moats are 25% stronger in this village type. Low None Castle no defences.jpg Catapults.PNGMeat.PNG Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNGPitch.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.png
Plains Plains.jpg Wheat grows very well on the plains, but the vast space comes at the cost of reduced resources. Very High None Castle no defences.jpg Cheese.PNGBread.PNG Apples.PNGCheese.PNGBread.PNGMeat.PNGVeg.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.png
Valley Side Valley side.jpg A perfect site for growing vines, slightly limited resources but plenty of usable space. Very High None Castle no defences.jpg None Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.pngWine.png
Forest Forest.jpg Wood is everywhere here and grows strongly but other resources are limited. The castle is protected on one side by impassable forest. Low High Castle low defences.jpg Wood.PNGFuriture.pngVenison.png Apples.PNGCheese.PNGMeat.PNG Wood.PNGStone.PNG Venison.pngFuriture.pngClothing.png