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Pre-Register for Stronghold Kingdoms on Mobile and Get a FREE Starter Pack at Launch
Pre-Register for Stronghold Kingdoms on Mobile and Get a FREE Starter Pack at Launch




-- Welcome to the official Stronghold Kingdoms™ Wiki --
-- Created by Firefly Studios, we currently have 152 articles in the database. --
Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial

Here you will find all the resources you need to master your kingdom and flourish; these range from self-help tips, to mini start-up guides, to more in-depth and informative pages.

New to Stronghold Kingdoms?

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Stronghold Kingdoms is probably one of my top favorite MMORTS titles out there - massively.joystiq.com

There’s a whole lot to keep strategy veterans happy - strategyinformer.com

A level of depth that goes beyond the normal Stronghold games - hookedgamers.com

It's truly NOT a pay to win game - zam.com




News & Events

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The Basics


Hot Topics & Questions


Cards & Premium Tokens

Premium Token Features

  • Increased research queue size
  • Build five (5) buildings at once
  • Offline Auto features:
    • Auto Scouting
    • Auto Recruit Troops
    • Auto Attacking
    • Auto Trading

Strategy Cards

  • Buy, earn and trade-in cards to help grow your villages, defend your castles, trade at markets... and much more

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